ABCD Edited Collection in the works

Gwendolyn Blue and Lorelei Hanson are editing a volume on ABCD’s work and learning.The volume will be published with an academic press, with open source versions of the chapters made widely available, including through a new website to be built by ABCD.

On June 11th and 12th, 2015 many of the core members of the Alberta Climate Dialogue project gathered in Edmonton to workshop the collection. They discussed the overarching themes of the book and lessons learned through the three deliberations hosted by ABCD and a further one (on food and agriculture in Edmonton) to which ABCD researchers contributed.

Chapters in the book will discuss ABCD deliberations, the role of framing in those deliberations, how recruitment worked, reasons to use deliberative democracy to address climate change, and academic-practitioner collaboration in ABCD, among other topics.