Alberta Climate Dialogue has worked with government and civil society partners to convene citizen deliberations on climate change. We have researched these processes, including through surveys, interviews, and observational research. Below is a list of publications, reports, and videos that communicate our learning.


Adkin, Laurie, Lorelei Hanson, David Kahane, John Parkins, and Steve Patten, Democratizing Environmental Policy-Making Through Public Engagement: Comparative Case Studies from Alberta, Canada, under consideration, Environmental Politics.

Beckie, Mary A., Lorelei L. Hanson, and Deborah Schrader. (2013). Farms or Freeways? Citizen Engagement and Municipal Governance in Edmonton’s Food and Agriculture Strategy Development. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Boulianne, Shelley and Loptson, Kristjana. (2013). Political Efficacy: The case of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges. ABCD Working Paper Series.

Boulianne, Shelley and Mikeal Hellstrom. (2014). Citizen Perceptions of the  Efficacy of Deliberative Exercises. ABCD Working Paper Series

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Hanson, L. L. and Deborah Schrader (submitted) Identifying opportunities or hurdles for food security: A critical examination of the City of Edmonton’s Food and Agriculture Strategy Interdisciplinary Environmental Review.

Hanson, Lorelei, L., and Deborah Schrader (forthcoming, 2014). Creating New Urban Spaces of Sustainability and Governmentality: An Assessment of the Development of a Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy for Edmonton, Canada. In Holt, W. G. (Ed), From Sustainable to Resilient Cities: Global Concerns and Urban Efforts, 14. Bingley, UK: Emerald.

Hellstrom, Mikeal  and Shelley Boulianne, . (2014). Degree of Deliberativeness—The Case of the Energy Efficiency Choices Project. ABCD Working Paper Series

Hobbs, Lyndsay. (2013) Participant Experiences Under Constrained Deliberative Conditions.  ABCD Working Paper Series.

Hobbs, Lyndsay. (2013)  “Participant Experiences of Change in Deliberative Setting.” ABCD Working Paper Series.

Hobbs, Lyndsay andShelley Boulianne, . (2014). Knowledge of Energy and Climate Issues:The Case of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges. ABCD Working Paper Series.

Johnson, Genevieve Fuji. (2014). “Deliberative Democracy and the Persistent Hope
for Citizen Empowerment.” ABCD Working Paper Series.

Kahane, David, Lopston, Kristjana, Herriman, Jade and Hardy, Max. (2013). “Stakeholder and Citizen Roles in Public Deliberation” Journal of Public Deliberation, 9(2): 1-35. [Earlier version in the ABCD Working Paper Series]

Kahane, David and Mary Pat MacKinnon. Public Participation (2015). Deliberative Democracy, and Climate Governance: Learning from the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges CISDL / GEM Working Paper Series on Public Participation and Climate Governance.

Loptson, Kristjana and Shelley Boulianne. (2013). Trust in Municipal Government: The case of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges ABCD Working Paper Series.

MacKinnon, Mary Pat, Jacquie Dale and Deborah Schrader. (2014). “Looking Under the Hood of Citizen Engagement: The Citizens’ Panel on Energy and Climate Change.” ABCD Working Paper.

Schrader, D and Hanson, L.L. (submitted). Imaginative Forms Built through Citizen Engagement. Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

Conference presentations, posters, and presentation decks:

Adkin, Laurie E. 2014. “Making Climate Change Policy in Alberta,” paper presented to the Canadian Political Science Association,  Brock University, St. Catharines, ON. May 29, 2014

Adkin, Laurie E. 2014. “Comparing Alberta Climate Change Consultations,” presentation to CPSA panel “The Roles of Public Consultations in Shaping Environmental Policy in Alberta: Lessons from Climate Change and Land-Use Consultations.” University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. June 14, 2012.

Boulianne, Shelly, Hobbs, Lyndsey, Loptson, Kristjana, and Mark Warren, 2013. Roundtable on “Deliberative Democracy and Climate Change in a Municipal Context,” Canadian Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Victoria

Boulianne, S. & Loptson, K. 2014. “Citizen panels and opinion polls: How do policy positions compare?” Paper presented at the annual Warren E. Kalbach conference, MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB. March 2014.

Boulianne, S. 2014 . “Mini-publics and public opinion: A survey-based experiment.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, Anaheim, CA, May 2014.

Hanson, L. (2012). Exploring the processes and perceptions of citizen engagement: An analysis of public input in the development of a municipal environmental sustainability plan, Eighth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Vancouver, BC.

Hanson,Lorelei L. Sept. 2014. Critically Examining fresh, Edmonton’s Food and Agricultural Strategy: A Blueprint to Food System Transformation and Revitalized Community? Under Western Skies 3, Conference, Calgary, AB.

Hanson,Lorelei L. Sept. 2014. Planning and Delivering the Edmonton Deliberation: Preliminary Results. Alberta Climate Dialogue Roundtable: Citizen Involvement and Climate Politics, Under Western Skies 3, Conference, Calgary, AB.

Hanson,Lorelei L and Deborah Schrader. June 2014. Identifying opportunities or hurdles for food security? A critical examination of the City of Edmonton’s Food and Agricultural Strategy “fresh”, June 12, 2014. Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Hanson, Lorelei L. May 12, 2014 (moderator) “Economic Justice and Urban Food Security Panel:, Are We There Yet? Economic Justice and the Common Good Conference. King’s University College, Edmonton, AB.

Hanson, Lorelei L. and Deb Schrader. (2014). Enabling a More Sustainable Urban Food System in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 20th International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment (IICE), Denver, Colorado, June 13-15.

Kahane, David. 2014. “Public administrators, process professionals, and deliberative democracy: Negotiating a participatory process and its influence,” International Political Science Association, Montreal

Kahane, David. 2014. “Short Take: Deliberative Democracy and Systems Change,” Frontiers of Democracy, Boston.

Kahane, David. 2014. Roundtable, “From Deliberation to Action,” Frontiers of Democracy, Boston.

Kahane, David. 2014. “Climate deliberation in claimed and invited spaces,” Nomis Workshop on Nature and Value, London

Kahane, David and Mary Pat MacKinnon. 2014. “Citizen Involvement & Climate Politics: Learning from the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges” IPAC Annual Conference, Edmonton

Kahane, David. 2014. “Citizen participation and local food: Building a healthier democracy,” International Week presentation, University of Alberta

Kahane, David. 2013. “Can Citizen Participation Improve Climate Change Policy?” keynote address, conference on Tomorrow’s Ideas, Now, University of Alberta

Kahane, David, Fiona Cavanagh and Matt Leighninger. 2012. “Engaging with multiple publics in complex involvement programs” IAP2 North America Annual Conference, Halifax

Kahane, David, 2012. “Deliberative democracy and climate change: lessons from the Alberta Climate Dialogue project,” Coady Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish

Kahane, David, John Dryzek, Genevieve Fuji Johnson, and Mark Warren, 2012. Roundtable on “Deliberative Democracy and Climate Change: Theory Meets Practice,” Canadian Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Edmonton

Kahane, David, Lorelei Hanson, Genevieve Fuji Johnson, John Parkins, Lorna Stafanick, 2012. “Stakeholders and Citizens in Alberta Environmental Policy Making,” Canadian Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Edmonton

Kahane, David, Lorelei Hanson, Don Iveson, Jesse Row, 2012. Roundtable on “Successes and Challenges in Innovative Public Involvement: The Case of Edmonton’s Environmental Strategic Plan,” Canadian Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Edmonton

Kahane, David. 2011. “Citizen Deliberation and Oil Sands Policy.” Invited Presentation to Alberta Party Event titled “Green Oil and Greenest Oil: Visions for Alberta’s Global Leadership” in Edmonton, AB

Kahane, David, Jennifer Medlock and Greg Powell. 2011. “Alberta Greenhouse Gas Toolkit: A Review of Existing Guides and Support Tools.” Report to City of Calgary Intelligent Futures.

Kahane, David. 2011. “Where has public participation come from, where is it now and where is it going?” International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Canada Chapter Annual Meeting, Toronto, June 11

Kahane, David. 2010. “Creating spaces for change? Early reflections on Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD),” Department of Political Science, University of Alberta, Dec 2

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Kahane, David and Lorelei Hanson. 2010. “Alberta Climate Dialogue,” Engagement for Sustainable Communities and Climate Change Online Conference, co-sponsored by the APA Public Engagement Interest Group and PublicDecisions, May 14

Kahane, David, Mary Pat MacKinnon and John Parkins. 2010. “Alberta Climate Dialogue and the Evaluation of Citizen Engagement on Environmental Issues,” a virtual workshop co-convened by Environment Canada, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation, May 6

Kahane, David. 2010. “Indigenous perspectives in climate change deliberations: an Albertan perspective,” virtual participation in community workshop on ‘Reimagining Development with the Indigenous Peoples of the Brazilian Amazon’, May 6

Kahane, David. 2009. “Research and Local Action on Citizen Engagement and Climate Change,” ICLEI Research Symposium, Edmonton, June 18

Lyons, Susanna Haas and Gwendolyn Blue. 2012 . “An Overview of Alberta Climate Dialogue.” National Coalition for Deliberation and Dialogue’s Biennial Conference, Seattle, WA. Oct. 2012

MacKinnon, Mary Pat.  2013. “What is a Civic Dialogue.” NBS Leadership Council Workshop, Toronto, ON. September, 2013.

Schrader, Deb, and Lorelei L. Hanson. (2013). Obstacles to Preserving Urban Land for Food- fresh: Edmonton’s Food and Agriculture Strategy Case Study. Edges and Flows: Diversity, Environment, and Society. Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC) Annual Conference, Victoria, B.C., June 3-5.

Schrader, Deb and Lorelei L Hanson. (2012). City of Edmonton Food & Agriculture Strategy: Setting the Context. Powering Up: Food for the Future, Food Secure Canada 7th National Assembly, Edmonton, AB, November 1-4.

Reports from Deliberations and Workshops:

Alberta Climate Dialogue. 2014. Water in a Changing ClimateCalgary: Alberta Climate Dialogue.

Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance. 2014. Final Report: Energy Efficiency Choices Deliberation

City of Edmonton. 2012. Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges: Participant Handbook 2012, retrieved on September 5 2014 from

Reflection: Water in a Changing Climate Deliberation

City of Edmonton. 2012. Final Report: Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges


Water in a Changing Climate

Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges

Reports created with substantial contributions from ABCD

Intelligent Futures.  2011. Greenhouse Gas Action Toolkit for Alberta Communities, retrieved on September 12 2014 from

Courses taught with ABCD content

David Kahane, University of Alberta

  • POLS 405/515: Deliberative democracy in theory and practice (2013)
  • POLS 302: Deliberative democracy, citizen involvement, and the politics of climate change (2014)
  • POLS 302: Citizen involvement and systems change (2016)

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