New video on impacts of Edmonton Citizens’ Panel

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A new video from ABCD and the Centre for Public Involvement captures reflections by citizens’ panelists, Mayor Iveson, Councillors, a City administrator, David Kahane, and Fiona Cavanagh on the impacts of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges.

The video also includes reflections on what might have been done differently and on lessons learned.

More information about the Citizens’ Panel can be found on this website and through the City of Edmonton.

New papers on the Edmonton Citizens’ Panel and on Worldwide Views on Global Warming

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A series of Working Papers have just been published by the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), the Governance, Environment & Markets Initiative at Yale University (GEM), and the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM) of the Arctic Centre (University of Lapland).

Two papers in the series are by ABCD researchers:

Check them out!

Energy Transition Strategy before Edmonton City Council March 18: What impact will the Citizens’ Panel have? (with update)

This Wednesday, March 18, Edmonton City Council will have a ‘facilitated session’ about the new Energy Transition Strategy coming forward from City Administration. You can read the agenda item, the full Strategy, and stakeholder feedback.

This long-awaited Strategy is the City’s response to the recommendations of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges, which met for six full days in late 2012 and presented a Final Report to Executive Committee of City Council in April 2013.

The following document lays out the City’s commitments to give the Panel’s recommendations uptake, the hopes of Panelists for influence, and some outcomes of Wednesday that will indicate whether the Panel is in fact influencing events.

Impacts p 1


Fingers crossed!

UPDATE, March 21:

There was spirited questioning and debate at the Council meeting on March 18 — we heard general agreement with the need for action on energy transition, but also challenges from a number of Councillors to incentives and other market transformation approaches core to the Strategy.

There was substantial discussion of the Citizens’ Panel process that fed into the development of the Strategy, including a sophisticated articulation by Councillor Henderson of the value of deliberative citizen involvement relative to polling or deference to current market choices. A number of Councillors expressed their appreciation for the balance and sophistication of the Panel methodology.

Because discussion was extensive, a decision was made to carry over discussion and voting to a second session, which is still to be scheduled.