City Council Unanimously Adopts Energy Transition Strategy

On April 21, 2015, Edmonton City Council unanimously adopted an Energy Transition Strategy which aims to make Edmonton a low carbon city by 2035. The plan includes eleven strategic courses of action and an eight year action plan. It is draws importantly on recommendations (pdf) from the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges, one of the three deliberations held by ABCD.

The 11 action items include Strategic Action #10 which states that “The City of Edmonton will apply the advice of the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges: (a) weighing the costs and benefits of each energy transition action, (b) using public and transparent decision making processes so that citizens are confident that energy transition decisions serve the public good, (c) linking City leadership to citizen education, and (d) recognizing and promoting multiple reasons for energy transition.”

This action, and the entire Energy Transition Strategy, is a testimony to the work of the citizens who participated in the Citizens’ Panel, City leaders who took the recommendations of the citizens panel seriously (a particular shout-out here to Jim Andrais in Sustainable Development and Don Iveson, our Mayor), and colleagues at ABCD and the Centre for Public Involvement who worked so hard to execute a successful deliberation. This plan and its success will be a key legacy of ABCD as a Community University Research Alliance.