Who We Are

ABCD Members

ABCD is  a community-university research alliance. Our engagement practitioners design and facilitate citizen engagement events. Our international researchers study citizen engagement process and analyze results. Leaders from Alberta municipalities, industries, environmental groups and provincial government departments have partnered with us to learn from our collective experience. The following list is from our 2009 grant application; new participants have come on board and some have departed since.

Partner Organizations in ABCD:

Alberta Council for Environmental Education
Alberta Environment
Alberta Municipal Affairs
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
Athabasca University
Canadian Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
City of Calgary
City of Canmore
City of Edmonton
Climate Change Central
Curtin University Australia
Deliberative Democracy Consortium
Everyday Democracy
Involve UK
MacEwan University
National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
Pembina Institute
Public Agenda
University of Alberta
University of Calgary
Researchers, Practitioners and Community Leaders in ABCD:
Adkin, Laurie (University of Alberta)
Adria, Marco (University of Alberta)
Blue, Gwen (University of Calgary)
Boulianne, Shelley (Grant MacEwan University)
Chambers, Simone (University of Toronto)
Cooper, David (University of Alberta)
Filax, Gloria (Athabasca University)
Forester, John (Cornell University)
Gastil, John (University of Washington)
Gaventa, John (University of Sussex)
Hall, Budd (University of Victoria)
Hanson, Lorelei (Athabasca University)
Hartz Karp, Janette (Curtin University)
Haas Lyons, Susanna (Public Engagement Specialist)
Heierbacher, Sandy (National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation)
Johnson, Genevieve (Simon Fraser University)
Kool, Rick (Royal Roads University)
Leach, Andrew (University of Alberta)
Leighninger, Matt (Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
Lukensmeyer, Carolyn (AmericaSpeaks)
Lysack, Mishka (University of Calgary)
Mackinnon, Mary Pat (Ascentum and University of Ottawa)
Mansbridge, Jane (Harvard University)
McIntosh, Tom (University of Regina)
Muhlberger, Peter (Texas Tech University)
Parkins, John (University of Alberta)
Patten, Steve (University of Alberta)
Row, Jesse (Pembina Institute)
Rose, Jonathan (Queen’s University)
Sauchyn, Dave (University of Regina)
Shultz, Lynette (University of Alberta)
Thomson, Gareth (Alberta Council for Environmental Education)
Warren, Mark (University of British Columbia)
Weinstock, Daniel (Université de Montréal)
Wyman, Miriam (Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation)

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