Climate Change & Deliberative Democracy Annotated Bibliography

Contributing Authors: Geoff Salomons, David Kahane, Salvatore Cucchiara - September 2014

This bibliography is comprised primarily of articles specifically related to the problem of climate change and the potential of deliberative democracy to respond to such a challenging problem. There is much that looks at the potential of deliberative democracy with regards to the environment generally speaking, but less on the topic of climate specifically. There has been no differentiation in this bibliography between articles focused on climate mitigation vs. climate adaptation, although such distinctions present different challenges to deliberative democracy. In addition, this review contains two notes for every citation. The first is the abstract, and is labeled "ABSTRACT". This is so the reader can get a sense of the content of the article in the author's own words. The second, labeled "NOTES", is an assessment, which attempts to give a brief evaluation of the usefulness of the article and its distinctive contribution.